Post-Pandemic Travel Dream: Appreciating the Little Things

What an Amazing World!

A corner of the Rejawinangun Guesthouse, popularly known as Situs Warungboto (Warungboto Site)

It has been two months since the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in Indonesia was announced, seven weeks since the company I work for began implementing the work-from-home protocol, and three weeks since the government of Jakarta imposed “large-scale social restrictions”. Just like most of you, my movements have been largely confined to my apartment and its immediate surroundings (the park where residents usually exercise and hang out is temporarily closed, though). When I first read the news of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China earlier this year, it didn’t even cross my mind that it would eventually lead to a pandemic like this.

In early February, James and I even booked a trip for the Easter holiday in April to Solo, a city in Central Java that is known as one of the hubs of traditional…

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